What does Fommy mean?

Father mommy

Fommy is a blend of the words ‘father’ and ‘mommy’. It’s used to describe a dad who steps into the typical roles of a mother. The roles could be anything from cooking, cleaning to taking care of the kids. The term can also define a mother who performs the roles traditionally assigned to a father, although it’s not as commonly used in this context.

In a lot of societies, moms are usually expected to handle the majority of child-rearing tasks, particularly for younger kids. Meanwhile, dads are often viewed as the breadwinners. But sometimes, roles can get switched. A dad might have to step into the mother’s shoes if she’s busy at work or unwell. That’s when the term Fommy comes into play.

This concept isn’t new and has been portrayed in many films and TV shows. For example, the 1983 film ‘Daddy Day Care’ and the 2014 film ‘Life with Charlie’ have shown dads taking on the role of moms. So, that’s about it for Fommy. It’s a fun and easy way to refer to dads who are rocking the mom duties!

Example for using ‘Fommy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new movie?

Yeah! I loved it! Especially the part with the dad doing all the mom stuff.

Haha, yeah! He was such a fommy! Taking care of the kids, cooking, and everything!

Totally! It’s great to see dads breaking stereotypes and being awesome parents.