What does FOMOF stand for in football?

Fear of missing out on football

FOMOF is a popular internet acronym, which stands for “fear of missing out on football”. This term is typically used to express the anxiety a person might feel when they’re unable to watch a football game due to other commitments.

You’d often see FOMOF used on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It’s usually accompanied by a hashtag (#) before it. This term is often used by die-hard football fans who might have to attend a wedding, birthday bash or a baby shower instead of catching their favorite game.

The term FOMOF gained traction during a 2013 marketing campaign by Verizon. They used it to promote their NFL Mobile app. This app allows its users to watch NFL games from their smartphones or tablets, helping to alleviate some of that FOMOF.

Example for using ‘FOMOF’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to my sister’s wedding this Saturday?

Ah man, I totally forgot that’s the same day as the big game.

So, are you ditching the wedding?

Nah, I can’t do that. I’ll just have to deal with FOMOF this time.