What does FOMOngering mean?

Deliberately making others feel FOMO

When a person or a company deliberately stirs up a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in others, it’s called FOMOngering. This tactic is often used to persuade someone to make a purchase that they might not have considered otherwise by indicating the product is in short supply or only available for a brief period.

For instance, a cryptocurrency enthusiast may promote a new cryptocurrency’s low price on social media platforms. They may assertively claim that the currency’s value is about to skyrocket. This FOMOngering is designed to persuade other users to invest in the cryptocurrency immediately, so they don’t “miss out” on the opportunity to buy at a low price.

FOMOngering, similar to fearmongering (the term from which FOMOngering is derived), is often used to manipulate people into doing something they might regret later. If you have a feeling that someone is practicing FOMOngering, it’s generally a good idea to think twice before buying what they’re offering.

Example for using ‘FOMOngering’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, have you seen the new iPhone? It’s supposedly the best one yet!

Me: Yeah, I’ve heard about it. But I think they’re just FOMOngering.

Friend: FOMOngering? What’s that?

Me: It’s when they try to create a fear of missing out by saying the phone is only available for a limited time. They want us to buy it impulsively.