Food Baby

What does it mean?

A full belly after eating too much food

A food baby is a slang phrase that describes the uncomfortable, bloated feeling you have after eating too much. It’s like you’re pregnant, but instead of growing a little human in your belly, it’s just a ton of food.

This term is often used when you’ve indulged in a big feast at social gatherings, like a Thanksgiving dinner, Super Bowl party or a birthday celebration. Just like a real pregnancy, a food baby can stick around for a while, sometimes even a few days.

The ‘birth’ of a food baby is not as joyous as a real one, it usually means a trip to the bathroom for some relief. But don’t worry, once your food baby is ‘delivered’, you’ll be back to your normal self. So next time when you overeat, remember you’re not alone. We all have experienced a food baby at some point.

Example for using ‘Food Baby’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Ugh, I ate way too much at the party last night.

Friend 2: Haha, I know the feeling. Food baby kicking in?

Friend 1: Definitely! My stomach feels like it’s about to burst!

Friend 2: Time for some serious digestion then. Good luck with your food baby!