Food Coma

What does it mean?

Feeling sleepy after eating too much food

Ever felt like you need a nap after indulging in a huge meal? That’s what we call a ‘Food Coma’. This term is used to describe the lethargic and drowsy state one might experience post a massive meal. It’s a common phenomenon after feasts or large dinner parties.

This phenomenon is not just related to the amount of food you consume, but also the type of nutrients it contains. Certain foods can make you feel more sleepy than the others. So, the food coma isn’t just about the quantity, it’s also about what’s on your plate.

Another term closely related to food coma is ‘Food Baby’. This is a term used when your stomach bulges out due to excessive eating, giving an impression of a baby bump. So, next time you feel bloated or drowsy after a meal, you know what to call it!

Example for using ‘Food Coma’ in a conversation

A: Just had the biggest meal ever! I can barely keep my eyes open.

B: Haha, sounds like you’re in a food coma!

A: Yep, definitely feeling the after-effects of all that food.

B: It happens to the best of us. Time for a well-deserved nap!