What does Fpct mean in baseball?

Fielding percentage

Fpct is a useful stat in baseball that gives us insight into a player’s defensive skills. It’s calculated by dividing a player’s number of putouts and assists by their total number of putouts, assists, and errors.

This figure is a great way to gauge how good a player is in the defensive part of the game. Since baseball is as much about preventing the other team from scoring runs as it is about scoring runs yourself, a high Fpct can be an indicator of a very valuable player.

So, when you’re discussing a player’s worth, don’t forget to take into account their Fpct. It might just change your perspective on who the real stars of the game are!

Example for using ‘Fpct’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that catch by the center fielder?

Yeah, it was amazing! He has such a high Fpct!

What’s Fpct?

It stands for Fielding percentage. It’s a stat in baseball that shows how good a player is at defense.