What does FPG mean in fantasy sports?

Fantasy points per game

In the world of fantasy sports, such as fantasy football, the term ‘FPG’ is a common one. It’s an acronym that stands for fantasy points per game. This represents the average number of points a player or team earns in each game.

FPG is crucial in fantasy sports like fantasy football, where participants gather points for their imaginary teams. The points come from the positive statistics that players accumulate in real-life games.

For instance, in fantasy football, a player may earn points for their team through a number of ways. These include scoring touchdowns, accumulating rushing yards, gaining receiving yards, or making catches.

Therefore, players with a high FPG are typically more desirable, as they can contribute more points to the fantasy team on average per game.

Example for using ‘FPG’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the fantasy football rankings?

Yeah, I did! Did you check out the FPG for our players?

Definitely! Our quarterback has an FPG of 20, he’s killing it!

That’s awesome! Our running back has an FPG of 15, not bad either!