What does Frenemy mean?

Someone you aren’t fond of but act friendly towards

Frenemy is a unique term that combines “friend” and “enemy” into one. It’s used to describe a person you don’t particularly like but still interact with regularly. This might be due to work, mutual friends, or even family ties.

More often than not, people try to steer clear of their frenemies. However, certain situations or shared objectives force them to interact. For example, you and your frenemy might both be aiming for a promotion at work or may have to cooperate in a team project.

Despite having common goals, frenemies usually have vastly different personalities or ways of thinking. These differences often lead to conflicts and disagreements, making the relationship even more strained. Yet, they share a common space or objectives, keeping them tied together.

Example for using ‘Frenemy’ in a conversation

Hey, guess who I ran into today?


My frenemy from work.

Oh no, not again! What happened?

Well, we had to work on a project together, and it was so frustrating.

Ugh, I can imagine. How did you handle it?

I tried to be civil and get the job done, but deep down, I couldn’t stand being around them.

I don’t blame you. Frenemies can be so draining.