What does Fri mean?

Endless friend

When someone refers to you as their ‘fri’, they are essentially telling you that you’re their friend, but with no end. This is a playful way of saying that you are a friend who they believe will stick around forever. It’s a term that represents an ‘endless friend’.

Nowadays, the term ‘fri’ has been largely replaced by ‘BFF’ (Best Friends Forever). But, there are still some who relish the clever wordplay that ‘fri’ offers and continue to use it when communicating with their closest pals.

So, if you get called a ‘fri’, know that it’s a term of endearment and a testament to the longevity of your friendship. It’s a way of expressing that your friendship transcends time and is expected to endure.

Example for using ‘Fri’ in a conversation

Hey! Just wanted to say that you’re my fri πŸ’–

Aww, thanks! You’re my fri too! 😊

I’m glad we’re friends forever! πŸ€—

Me too! It’s awesome having a fri like you! πŸ₯°