What does Fro mean?

‘Fro’ is slang for ‘Afro’

‘Fro’ is a short way of saying “afro.” It describes a type of hairdo that has a round shape and curly texture.

The term afro comes from “Afro-American,” which in turn is derived from “African American.” It’s a style that was made famous by Black people in the 1960s during important social movements such as the American Civil Rights and Black Is Beautiful.

These movements aimed to expand the narrow beauty standards of the time, challenging them to include Black features, styles, and aesthetics. The afro was one of the styles that Black people sought to bring back and redefine during this time.

By the 1970s, the afro had become so popular that some Black people opted not to wear their hair in this style because they felt it had become too mainstream. Regardless, the ‘fro’ remains a popular choice today.

It’s particularly favored by Black people with naturally curly hair who prefer not to straighten their hair or shape it in other artificial ways.

Example for using ‘Fro’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Sarah’s new hairstyle? It’s πŸ”₯!

No, I haven’t. What does it look like?

She’s rocking a big, curly ‘Fro. It’s like a ball of curls on her head. Looks amazing!

Oh, I love Afros! They’re so cool and unique. I wish I had the hair for it.