Fruit Salad Of Life

What does Fruit Salad Of Life mean?

Outcome of the choices one makes in their life

When someone talks about the “Fruit Salad Of Life”, they’re discussing the mix of good and bad consequences that come from the choices we make in life. This phrase was first spoken by a guy named Ben Carson during a political debate in 2016.

Carson was actually referring to a line from the Bible, in the book of Matthew. This passage talks about the “fruit”, or the results, of a person’s actions. The way a person lives their life is often reflected in these outcomes.

After Carson said it, the term went viral on Twitter. People had a field day making fun of the phrase. So, whenever you hear the phrase “Fruit Salad Of Life”, remember it’s all about the outcomes of our choices – the good and the bad.

Example for using ‘Fruit Salad Of Life’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s life been treating you?

Oh, you know, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. Ups and downs.

Ah, the fruit salad of life, huh? Good and bad mixed together.

Exactly! Sometimes you get the sweetest fruits, and other times it’s just sour.