What does FTEW stand for?

For the epic win

Ever heard of FTEW? This is a slang term often used by gamers to express their joy after a monumental victory. Imagine you’re in a game, and you manage to win against all odds. You’ll probably text your fellow players, “FTEW!” to celebrate.

While FTEW is commonly used in gaming, it’s not limited to that. It can be used to celebrate any significant achievement in life. Say, you’ve just got the keys to your dream home, you might share your joy on social media with a “FTEW! We got the house and we’re moving in next month!”

However, life isn’t always about victories. Sometimes, you might find yourself on the losing side. In such cases, the term FTEL is used. It’s the opposite of FTEW. But let’s hope your life has more FTEWs than FTELs.

Example for using ‘FTEW’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won a game of Fortnite!

That’s awesome! FTEW! πŸŽ‰