What does FUCT stand for?

Failed under continuous testing

When something just doesn’t seem to be working out despite numerous attempts, it’s valid to describe it as being “FUCT”. This acronym is short for “failed under continuous testing”. Phonetically, it also sounds like a more common expletive, adding to its expressive power.

Mostly, you’ll find people using FUCT in online spaces, like forums. It’s typically brought up in discussions about the success or failure of various projects. These could range from a coder trying to set up a website to a hobbyist in his workshop trying to put together a go-kart.

As an example, let’s say you’re trying your hand at a DIY project at home. You’re wrestling with some electrical wiring and it’s just not working out. In this situation, you might describe your project as having “FUCT”.

Example for using ‘FUCT’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that DIY go-kart project I was working on?

Yeah, what’s up with it?

Well, it’s FUCT. The engine won’t start no matter what I do!

Oh no, that’s frustrating. Have you tried checking the fuel line?