What does Fugazi mean?

Fugazi means Fake

When you hear someone say ‘Fugazi’, they’re often calling out something or someone as fake. There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the word’s roots, with some folks swearing it’s got Italian bloodlines. However, there’s no word matching ‘Fugazi’ in the Italian language books. So, it remains a bit of a linguistic mystery.

What’s not a mystery though is how this term has made its way into pop culture. It’s hit the big screen in some key moments. In the mafia flick “Goodfellas”, the word ‘Fugazi’ is the label for counterfeit bling. Then, in the high-stakes financial thriller “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”, it’s used again to call out the phonies.

So, next time you hear ‘Fugazi’, remember it’s all about pointing out the fake and phony. Whether it’s a knock-off Rolex or a two-faced friend, ‘Fugazi’ has got it covered.

Example for using ‘Fugazi’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new designer bag?

Yeah, I did. It looks so expensive!

Nah, it’s totally fugazi. I heard it’s a knockoff.

Wow, really? I would have never guessed!