Fumble The Bag

What does Fumble The Bag mean?

Mess up

When someone says they’ve ‘fumbled the bag’, what they’re really saying is they’ve messed up big time. This phrase is commonly used to refer to situations where someone has lost a significant amount of money, or missed out on an opportunity to earn a lot. But it’s not just about money – you can ‘fumble the bag’ in any situation where you’ve made a major mistake.

Take for example, if you completely bombed a big exam, lost an important game, or even messed up a potential relationship, you could say you’ve ‘fumbled the bag’. It’s a versatile phrase that can be used to describe many different kinds of failures.

So, where did this phrase come from? You can thank the world of rap music for that. The term ‘bag’ and phrases like ‘chasing the bag’ and ‘fumble the bag’ have become popular slang because of their use in rap songs. A prime example is a 2017 track by Lil Wayne, where he raps “you get the bag and fumble it”.

Today, these phrases have been adopted by social media users all around the world. They use ‘fumble the bag’ to talk about their own failures, and ‘chasing the bag’ to describe their pursuit of success. So next time you see someone using these phrases, you’ll know exactly what they mean.

Example for using ‘Fumble The Bag’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what happened to Mark?

No, what happened?

He invested all his money in that new business, but it ended up failing.

Oh no, he really fumbled the bag on that one.