What does Fundie-lite mean?

Someone who is extremely religious

A Fundie-lite is someone who practices their religion passionately, but not to the extreme of a fundamentalist. This individual may hold strict religious beliefs, yet is open to making small exceptions, making them a ‘lighter’ version of a fundie.

These individuals are typically zealous, believing their religious texts to be literally true and striving to live in full accordance with them. In the United States, Fundie-lites are commonly Christian, but can also be found among other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more.

It’s common for Fundie-lites in America to be right-wing conservative Protestant Christians who accept the Bible as the absolute truth. They may reject modern societal norms or scientific developments.

However, they are not as intense as fundies. For instance, while fundies might strictly homeschool their children, Fundie-lites might allow their children to attend private Christian schools. Fundie-lites might also have more relaxed views on dating, women’s dress code, and church and family structures.

The term Fundie-lite is often used in a negative way, to criticize a person’s lifestyle and lack of tolerance for those who do not believe the same. This term can be found in everyday conversation, or online on social media platforms, forums, or in articles discussing religion, typically with a critical tone.

Example for using ‘Fundie-lite’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah’s new boyfriend?

Yeah, she’s dating a real Fundie-lite.