What does Fundie mean?

A person who strictly follows religious beliefs and rules

A ‘Fundie’ is someone who follows a particular religion very strictly. This term is mostly used for people who are Christian fundamentalists, but it can be used for anyone who is a religious fundamentalist.

People who are labeled as fundies are often very passionate about their religion. They take everything written in their religious text as the absolute truth and try to live their lives according to it.

In the United States, the word fundie is commonly used to describe right-wing conservative Protestant Christians who believe every word of the Bible to be true. Fundies can reject modern societal progress and scientific findings if they contradict with their religious beliefs.

Examples of fundie behavior can include strict dress codes for women, homeschooling of children, and male-dominated leadership roles in the church and family. An example of a fundie family in the media is the Bates family from the TV show Bringing Up Bates.

Usually, the term fundie is used in a negative way. It is used to point out the intolerance of fundies towards people who do not share their beliefs or who follow different denominations of the same faith.

You might come across the term fundie on social media, in online articles and forums, or during in-person conversations about religion. It is often used to critically discuss different religious practices and followers.

Example for using ‘Fundie’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that article about religious fundamentalists?

Yeah, I did. They’re often referred to as ‘fundies’.

What exactly does ‘fundie’ mean?

It’s a term used to describe people who strictly follow a particular religion, usually Christianity.