What does Fungry mean?

So hungry you’re practically swearing about it

If you’ve ever been so hungry that you’re practically swearing out of desperation, you’re familiar with the concept of ‘Fungry’. This is an extreme level of hunger, where you’re so famished you might even throw a few choice words around to express your need for food.

‘Fungry’ is a mash-up of two words, “F******” and “hungry”, expressing an intense hunger that goes beyond the common term ‘hangry’. When you’re ‘Fungry’, you’re not just angry because you’re hungry – you’re so hungry that you’re resorting to cuss words to emphasize your need for a meal.

Picture this scenario: If you’re just hungry, you might simply say “I need to eat.” If you’re hangry, you might grumble “I’m starving and getting irritable.” But if you’re ‘Fungry’, you’re past the point of being polite. You’re so starving that you’re practically shouting at someone to get you some food!

Example for using ‘Fungry’ in a conversation

I’m so πŸ• right now, I could eat a whole pizza by myself!

Haha, I feel you! I’m totally 😩 too. Let’s order some food.

Yes, please! I’m πŸ” and 🍟! Can’t wait!

I’ll get on it right away. Hang in there, buddy! πŸ•πŸš€