What does Furry mean?

Someone who likes animals with human characteristics

A Furry is someone who is a fan of anthropomorphic animals. These are imaginary animals that behave like humans and might even look a bit like us. Some popular examples are characters from franchises like Zootopia, ThunderCats, and Digimon.

These enthusiasts are part of what’s known as the “furry fandom”. This is a group that loves this particular kind of fantasy genre. The characters they love can be found in all sorts of media, like video games, cartoons, and comic books.

Not all furries are the same, though. Some really get into the spirit and like to dress up in costumes based on their favorite characters. You’ll often see them at fan conventions, especially ones focused on comics and science fiction. These costumes are a big part of the fun for them.

Example for using ‘Furry’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term ‘Furry’?

Yeah! It means being a fan of animals with human characteristics.

Exactly! It’s all about loving anthropomorphic animal characters like Sonic the Hedgehog or My Little Pony.

Oh, got it! So, furries are part of a fantasy sub-genre called ‘furry fandom’?