What does FYEO stand for?

For your eyes only

Imagine getting a secret message, a photo, or a video from a buddy labeled as FYEO. This is a slang term that means For Your Eyes Only.

This label is a clear hint that whatever your friend has sent is not supposed to be shared or disclosed to anyone else. It’s like a secret between you two.

For instance, your pal might send you a snap of their new girlfriend or boyfriend with an FYEO tag. This means your friend is not ready for others to know about their new relationship just yet. So, it’s your job to keep it under wraps.

Example for using ‘FYEO’ in a conversation

Hey, I have something to show you! FYEO πŸ˜‰

Ooh, what is it? I’m intrigued! πŸ‘€

It’s a picture of my new pet cat. But remember, it’s FYEO, so please don’t share it with anyone else. 🐱

Got it! I promise I won’t let anyone else see it. Your secret is safe with me! 😺