What does G2G mean?

Got to go

If you see G2G in a message, it means the person you’re talking to has to leave. This short form is often used in online chats when someone needs to exit the conversation quickly.

Usually, you’ll get a G2G towards the end of a chat. When you get this, know that the person is about to sign off.

To reply to a G2G, you can use GB or GBFN. These are quick ways to say goodbye before the person you’re chatting with logs off.

Example for using ‘G2G’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still there?

Yeah, but I G2G soon. What’s up?

Just wanted to see if you’re free to hang out later?

Sorry, can’t. G2G to a family dinner. Maybe tomorrow?

No worries. GB then!

GBFN! Talk to you later!