What does G2K mean?

Good to know

If you’ve ever wondered what G2K means in a text message or on social media, it’s basically a quick way to show gratitude for useful information someone has shared. It’s used to express that you’re happy to know something new they’ve told you.

So, next time someone sends you a valuable piece of information, you can reply with G2K to express your appreciation for their knowledge sharing. This slang is often used when the information you’ve learned is new and useful to you.

Remember, G2K is a great way to keep the conversation going, showing the other person that you’re interested in what they have to say and appreciative of their insights. And it’s as simple as that, no complicated language or phrases, just a straightforward way to say “glad to know”.

Example for using ‘G2K’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know that pineapples are berries?

No way! Seriously? That’s crazy! G2K! 🍍

Yeah, it’s true! I just learned about it. Nature is full of surprises. 🌿

Absolutely! Nature never fails to amaze me. Thanks for sharing, G2K! 🌍