What does G2R mean?

Got to run

When someone sends you G2R, it means they’ve “got to run”. They’re not necessarily lacing up their trainers for a jog, but rather heading out of your chat because they’ve got other things to do.

It’s typical to see G2R at the end of an online chat. Think of it as a signal that the sender needs to log off for awhile. It’s their way of saying goodbye, at least for now.

G2R is also common in text conversations, serving a similar purpose. It’s a quick, easy way to let someone know you’re about to leave the chat. When you see G2R, it’s a sign that your conversation is wrapping up.

Example for using ‘G2R’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Yeah, what’s up?

Just wanted to tell you about this awesome movie I watched yesterday. It’s a must-watch!

Sounds interesting! Can you give me a quick review?

Sure, it’s a thrilling action movie with great special effects and an unexpected twist. The plot keeps you hooked till the end!

That sounds amazing! I’ll definitely check it out. By the way, I need to go now. G2R. Talk to you later!