What does G6 mean?

Gulfstream G650

G6 is a term that directly relates to a high-end business jet produced by the company, Gulfstream Aerospace.

This term gained popularity after it was used in the hit song, “Like a G6,” by a group known as Far East Movement.

So, when you hear someone using the term G6, they are most likely referring to this luxurious jet, or using it to symbolize something extravagant or high class.

Example for using ‘G6’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that fancy private jet at the airport?

Yeah, that’s a G6! It’s a Gulfstream G650, a super luxurious business jet.

Wow, it looks amazing! I heard it’s one of the fastest and most expensive jets out there.

Exactly! It’s known for its speed and top-notch features. It gained popularity after that song “Like a G6” came out.