What does GA stand for?

Good afternoon

Have you ever seen ‘GA’ in a text and wondered what it means? Well, it stands for “good afternoon”, a phrase usually used to greet someone between noon and 5pm. You will typically find this acronym in online chats or text messages.

Often, ‘GA’ is used at the start of a message. It’s a way to be polite to the person you’re messaging. It’s more often used by older people, who may prefer this more formal style.

Younger people might use more casual and playful greetings. But ‘GA’ is a tried and true method to show respect and politeness in your communication.

Example for using ‘GA’ in a conversation

GA! How are you doing?

Hey! I’m good, thanks. How about you?

I’m great, thanks! Just finished work for the day. What are your plans?

Not much, just chilling at home. Want to catch up later?