What does GAD stand for?

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When you see ‘GAD’ in a text, it’s usually a hint that you should already know the meaning of a term just used. Let’s say your buddy, Mike, asks you what “ironic” means, you might answer him with ‘GAD!’

This term was more popular in the 1990s and 2000s when people would have physical dictionaries and could look up words themselves. Nowadays, ‘GAD’ has fallen out of use. People now tend to send ‘GI’ or ‘JFGI’ instead.

Keep in mind that if people do understand what ‘GAD’ means, they might not take it well. It can come across as a bit rude and condescending. It’s best to use it in a lighthearted way with friends who know you’re just messing around.

Example for using ‘GAD’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that new show last night? It was hilarious!

GAD! What does ‘hilarious’ mean?

Oh, sorry! It means extremely funny. πŸ˜…

Got it! Thanks for explaining. πŸ˜„