What does GAF stand for?

Give a f***

GAF is a popular slang term that stands for how much a person cares or doesn’t care about something or someone. If you’re saying you GAF, you’re expressing that you care. However, if you say you don’t GAF, often phrased as IDGAF or DGAF, you’re clearly stating you don’t care about the matter at hand.

You’ll most often see GAF being used online or in text messages. It’s particularly popular on social media platforms, where people use it to express their indifference or contempt towards certain opinions, situations, or people in power.

For instance, if someone disagrees with a celebrity, they might say something like, “You couldn’t convince me to GAF about her opinion.” Similarly, if a sports fan is upset over their team’s performance, they might vent their frustration by posting, “If the team doesn’t seem to care about the game, then why should I GAF about them?”

However, it’s important to note that since GAF contains a swear word, it can be seen as offensive by some. Hence, it’s advisable to use this acronym carefully, considering the situation and the audience.

Example for using ‘GAF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new dress code at work?

Yeah, I saw the email. IDGAF, I’m still gonna wear what I want!

Haha, you rebel! Just be careful not to get in trouble with management.

Nah, they can’t tell me what to wear. I don’t GAF about their rules!