What does GAG stand for?

Got any gossip?

If you are someone who loves to share juicy stories, you might have come across the term GAG. GAG is a fun little acronym that stands for “Got any gossip?”. Folks who enjoy a bit of drama often use this term when they’re dying to hear some new piece of gossip.

When your pals are bored to death (BTD) and want to liven up their day, they may drop you a message with just GAG in it. Essentially, by doing this they are challenging you to share any interesting tidbits that you might have picked up recently. It’s a way of asking, “Do you have any gossip at the moment (ATM)?”.

Even if you don’t have any gossip to share ATM, it’s still worthwhile to respond. Who knows, you might end up having a conversation that’s even more stimulating than any piece of gossip. So, the next time someone shoots you a GAG, don’t hold back. Spill the tea if you’ve got any, or just use it as a chance to catch up!

Example for using ‘GAG’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you hear what happened at the party last night? πŸ™Š

No, spill the tea! What’s the GAG? β˜•οΈ

Well, apparently Sarah and Mark broke up! πŸš«πŸ’”

OMG, really? I didn’t see that coming! 😱 Any idea why? πŸ€”