What does Gagged mean?

Made unable to speak

When you come across the term ‘Gagged’ on social media, it generally means that someone is “impressed,” “amazed,” or “excited.” It’s slang for when you’re so taken aback by something awesome that you’re left speechless, or “gagged.”

The phrase ‘Gagged’ is actually steeped in LGBTQ history. It first gained popularity within the drag community. Drag queens and kings would use ‘Gagged’ as a way to express admiration for a performance that was so fantastic it left them speechless. For instance, “OMG Samantha, your show was so incredible, I gagged!”

From the drag community, ‘Gagged’ has spread far and wide across the internet. These days, you’ll find it being used by a variety of groups. From Kpop enthusiasts to devoted fans of different celebrities or ‘standoms’, ‘Gagged’ has become a common expression of admiration and excitement.

Example for using ‘Gagged’ in a conversation

OMG! Did you see the latest music video by BTS? I am gagged! 😱

Yes! It was absolutely mind-blowing! They never fail to impress. 🀩

I know, right? Their talent is unreal. I’m still gagging over their dance moves. πŸ’ƒ

Totally! They always leave us speechless with their incredible performances. πŸ™Œ