What does Gamergate mean?

Dispute over sexism in the world of video games, known as ‘Gamergate’

Gamergate is a phrase that points to a heated debate over sexism in the world of video gaming. The storm started brewing in August 2014, when a few women working in the gaming field were targeted by a faceless group of gamers.

The term ‘Gamergate’ emerged alongside a hashtag (#), and was associated with violent threats such as rape, murder, and even a mass shooting. The anger and harassment seem to be, in part, a reaction to feminists and progressives critiquing the gaming culture.

Therefore, when you hear or see the term ‘Gamergate’, it’s referring to this particular controversy and the wider discussion about sexism within the video game industry.

Example for using ‘Gamergate’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of Gamergate?

Yeah, I have. It’s all about the controversy surrounding sexism in video game culture, right?

Exactly! It started in 2014 when some women in the industry were harassed by a group of gamers.

That’s terrible. I heard they even made threats of rape and murder.