What does Gamma mean?

Gamma Male

A gamma male, in slang terms, is a typical, everyday guy. This term is often used by groups of hypermasculine internet users, such as incels and teenager bros, when discussing male social hierarchies.

Gamma males are very different from other male social stereotypes like the alpha, beta, or sigma. A gamma is neither a natural leader, a submissive follower, nor a solitary individual. They’re just normal folks, doing their usual stuff, nothing out of the ordinary.

The term ‘gamma’ and its Greek alphabet-inspired counterparts are most commonly found on social media and online forums. It’s likely to pop up in discussions about what it means to be masculine. Most of the time, it’s best to steer clear of these types of conversations.

Example for using ‘Gamma’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term ‘Gamma’?

Yeah, it’s a slang term that refers to an average, run-of-the-mill guy.

Exactly! It’s used to describe men who aren’t leaders, followers, or lone wolves.

Ah, got it. So, just normal dudes going about their business, right?