Gangsta Walking

What does Gangsta Walking mean?

Dancing with complex steps known as Gangsta Walking

Gangsta Walking is a style of street dance that involves complex footwork that goes along with fast-paced music, typically crunk music with heavy beats.

This dance style has its roots in Memphis, Tennesse and is known for leading to the development of Jookin, another dance style that shares similarities with Gangsta Walking.

In urban neighborhoods, Gangsta Walking holds special significance as it is seen as a way for individuals to express the struggles they face in inner-city life. It’s more than just a dance, it’s an expression of life experiences.

Example for using ‘Gangsta Walking’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of Gangsta Walking? πŸ•Ί

Yeah, it’s a dance style where people do fancy footwork to fast music, right? 🎢

Exactly! It’s also called G-Walk. It originated in Memphis, Tennessee. 🎡

Oh, cool! Is it popular in urban areas? πŸ™οΈ

Definitely! It’s considered a way to express the challenges of living in the inner city. πŸ’ͺ