What does Ganna mean?

‘Ganna’ is slang for ‘Going to’

Ganna is a hip way of saying “going to” and is seen as a trendier alternative to ‘gonna’. This term is frequently used in casual texts, online chats, and on popular social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Although the exact origins of “ganna” are not known, it emerged into popularity around the late 2010s. It’s believed to have originated from the Black online community. “Ganna” is part of a larger trend of slurred abbreviations like imma, dunno, iono, and wanna.

The term is usually used when referring to someone who is about to do something. For instance, a buddy might say, “She’s ganna lose it when she hears the news.”

Example for using ‘Ganna’ in a conversation

Hey, ganna watch that new movie tonight?

Yeah, ganna meet up at the theater at 7 PM?

Sounds good! Ganna get some popcorn too.

Awesome! Ganna be a great time.