What does GAWMA stand for?

Go ahead, whet my appetite

When someone drops GAWMA in a conversation, it means they’re intrigued by the subject at hand and they’re giving you the green light to dive deeper. GAWMA, in essence, stands for “go ahead, whet my appetite.”

However, it’s key to remember that when someone uses GAWMA, they aren’t asking for an information overload. They’re simply expressing their curiosity and asking for a taste, not the whole menu.

For instance, if you’re talking about a new film or video game, a suitable response might be to share a link to a trailer. If you’re discussing a new book, perhaps send them the first chapter or a brief synopsis.

But for more personal or sensitive topics, responding to GAWMA might require a bit more discretion. In those cases, it’s up to you to judge what’s suitable to share and what’s not.

Example for using ‘GAWMA’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the trailer of that new movie?

No, not yet. GAWMA!

It’s really action-packed and the special effects are amazing!

Awesome! Can you send me the link to the trailer?