What does GBH&K stand for?

Great big hug and kiss

If you’ve ever seen GBH&K pop up in a text or social media post, you might have been a bit confused. But don’t worry, it’s a sweet message to receive. GBH&K is short for “great big hug and kiss”.

This acronym combines the abbreviations GBH and H&K. It’s a way of sending a virtual, warm embrace and a peck on the cheek to the person you’re chatting with. It’s a quick, easy way to show some love.

It’s especially handy when you want to give a little boost to someone’s day. A GBH&K can be a great way to cheer someone up or show them you care, even if you can’t be there in person to give a real hug and kiss.

Example for using ‘GBH&K’ in a conversation

Hey, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have you as a friend. GBH&K! 😊

Aww, thank you! GBH&K right back at you! πŸ’•

I heard you had a tough day. Just remember, you’re amazing and can get through anything. GBH&K! πŸ€—

That means a lot to me. GBH&K! You always know how to make me feel better. 😘