What does GD&RVF stand for?

Grinning, ducking, and running very fast

When chatting online or sending text messages, you might see “GD&RVF”. People use it when they’re being cheeky, sarcastic, or making a comment they know will provoke a strong reaction from the other person. Essentially, they’re indicating that they’re “grinning, ducking, and running very fast” to avoid any angry backlash.

Consider this scenario: Your partner, who is a bit self-conscious about their weight, sends you a message asking, “Do these jeans make me look big?” You might choose to respond with a playful jab like, “Only if you’re standing next to a skinny chicken. GD&RVF.”

Here’s another example: You’re responding to a post on the AITA subreddit. You write, “I don’t think you messed up, unless you’re trying to become single again. GD&RVF.”

Alternate versions of “GD&RVF” include “GD&R,” “GR&D,” “GDR,” and “GD&H.” However, “GD&RVF” is mostly used when you say something that will likely make the other person so upset, they might want to throw something at you.

Example for using ‘GD&RVF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see what John posted on social media?

Yeah, he said he aced his exam, but I know he failed.

Haha, he’s always bragging. GD&RVF!

Ikr! He’ll be so mad when he finds out we know the truth. 😜