What does GE stand for?

Good evening

When you see GE pop up in your messages late in the day, it’s safe to assume that it typically stands for “good evening.” This term is often used to say hello or goodbye to someone when it’s getting dark out.

However, keep in mind that GE can also refer to a well-known American corporation – General Electric. This business is responsible for creating a variety of household appliances and also holds ownership over the television network, NBC.

But unless the conversation revolves around the stock market or you’re chatting with someone who works for General Electric, the chances are high that GE is simply a friendly nighttime greeting. Because let’s face it, it would be pretty odd for someone to kick off a chat with just “General Electric,” wouldn’t it?

Example for using ‘GE’ in a conversation

Hey, GE!

Hey! GE to you too! How’s your day going?

It’s been good. Just finished work. What about you?

Same here. Ready to relax now. GE always brings a positive vibe!