Gender Ninja

What does Gender Ninja mean?

A person who is androgynous can be referred to as a ‘Gender Ninja’

A gender ninja is someone who looks androgynous, meaning their gender isn’t easily identifiable. It’s a person who seems to be a mix of both male and female characteristics, making them a puzzle for others to figure out.

Remember Chris from the classic TV show in the 90s? If you do, then you have a clear picture of what a gender ninja is. Chris was known for his androgynous appearance, leaving viewers guessing about his gender.

The term “ninja” in gender ninja suggests an element of mystery or stealth. This mirrors the confusion people experience when they can’t easily classify someone as male or female. The term doesn’t have a negative connotation, it’s simply a playful way to describe someone’s obscure gender presentation.

So, if you’ve ever struggled to figure out if someone with a ponytail or a clean-shaven face is a man or a woman, you’ve encountered a gender ninja. They quietly challenge our conventional understanding of gender with their ambiguous looks.

Example for using ‘Gender Ninja’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new employee in our office?

Yeah, the one with the short hair androgynous look?

Exactly! They’re such a gender ninja, I can never tell if they’re a guy or a girl.

Haha, I know what you mean! It’s like they have this mysterious vibe.