What does Germaphobe mean?

An individual who is scared of germs

A germaphobe is someone who is extremely cautious about cleanliness due to a deep fear of germs. They usually have a strong desire to avoid germs, and as such, they tend to avoid crowded places and direct physical contact with people and objects that may harbor germs.

Common objects that a germaphobe might avoid include public restrooms, telephones, door knobs, and handrails, as these are notorious for being hotspots of germs. To ensure their personal cleanliness, germaphobes often carry with them sanitizing products such as antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizers.

Their fear of germs is usually rooted in a fear of becoming ill. The idea of being contaminated with other people’s germs is particularly unsettling for them. Thus, they go to great lengths to ensure they are as germ-free as possible.

Example for using ‘Germaphobe’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah?

No, what happened?

She’s turned into a total germaphobe! 🦠

Really? What does that mean?

It means she’s super afraid of germs and gets obsessed with being clean.

Oh, that explains why she always carries hand sanitizer everywhere.

Exactly! She’s scared of getting sick and can’t stand the idea of other people’s germs on her.