What does GG mean in online gaming?

Good game

Online gamers, whether playing Dota or Fortnite, often use the term ‘GG’. It’s a short and sweet way of saying “good game”. This is usually done at the end of a game, as a way of acknowledging the other player’s efforts.

‘GG’ is seen as a respectful way to finish off a gaming session, as opposed to just giving up and leaving. Sometimes, you might even see ‘gg wp’, which stands for “good game, well played,” to give an additional nod to the other player’s skill.

In professional gaming leagues, players tend to type ‘gg’ and then quit the game. But in casual play, the winner is often given the opportunity to respond with a ‘gg’ of their own. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that typing ‘gg’ and then continuing to try and win is generally seen as bad form in the gaming community.

Example for using ‘GG’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished playing a game of chess online!

Nice! How did it go?

I won! At the end of the match, I typed ‘GG’ to congratulate my opponent.

Oh, I’ve seen that before. ‘GG’ means ‘good game,’ right?

Exactly! It’s a way to show respect and sportsmanship after a match.

That’s cool. It’s nice to see players being respectful even in competitive games.