What does GGs mean?

Good games

If you’re into gaming, you’ve likely come across GGs. This is a shorthand way for players to say “good games.” It’s kind of like a virtual pat on the back for a game well played.

Typically, you’ll see GGs pop up in a message at the end of a game series, like a best of three or best of five. This message usually comes from an opponent who enjoyed the challenge of playing against you.

But it’s not just opponents who might send GGs your way. Your teammates might also drop a GGs in the chat if they had a good time playing with you. So, remember, next time you see GGs, know it’s a sign of respect and sportsmanship in the gaming world.

Example for using ‘GGs’ in a conversation

Hey, just finished playing some games online.

Oh, nice! How did it go?

It was great! I won all three matches in the series.

Wow, that’s impressive! GGs!