What does GH mean in Counter Strike?

Good half

In the world of Counter Strike, a popular first-person shooter game, you’ll often see players using the term ‘GH’. It is a sign of good sportsmanship and is similar to other in-game phrases like ‘GG’ or ‘GLHF’.

This phrase is usually used when teams are switching sides after half of the game is over. It’s a way for players to acknowledge each other’s performance and is a part of the game’s etiquette.

So next time you’re playing Counter Strike and the teams are changing, don’t forget to drop a quick ‘GH’. It’s a simple way to show respect to your fellow players and keep the game atmosphere friendly and competitive.

Example for using ‘GH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you play Counter Strike today?

Yeah, I did! Had a great match.

Nice! Did you say ‘GH’ to the other team?

Of course! It’s a sportsmanlike gesture. Shows respect.