Ghetto Blaster

What does Ghetto Blaster mean?

Big, carry-around radio

A ghetto blaster is a throwback to the days of cassette tapes, functioning as a portable music player. It’s a type of boom box, which you might typically see being carried on one shoulder by someone strolling around the city.

These nostalgic devices are often associated with playing rap music, though you might also hear rock tunes echoing from them. Ghetto blasters serve as a handy tool when you’re chilling outdoors or shooting some hoops with friends.

Seen as both a music player and a fashion statement, the ghetto blaster is an iconic symbol of urban culture. It’s not just about the music, but also the vibe it creates in the streets.

Example for using ‘Ghetto Blaster’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what I found at the thrift store today? 🎉

What did you find? Tell me! 🤔

I found a vintage Ghetto Blaster! 📻

No way! That’s so cool! How does it look? 😮