What does Ghosted mean?

Left in the lurch

If you’ve been ghosted, it means you’ve been left hanging by someone without any farewell, making you feel like you’ve been ditched. This slang can be used in different scenarios, but it’s usually seen in social gatherings and personal relationships.

Being ghosted at a social event, for example, might look like this: you throw a party for your buddies, and one of them slips out in the middle of the fun without saying bye. It’s kind of a bummer because you don’t even get to say your own goodbyes.

However, ghosting is most commonly seen in relationships and that’s where it really stings. In these cases, the person doing the ghosting might vanish without a word because they are either too nervous or just not mature enough to end things properly. Or, they might be afraid of getting more serious about the relationship.

It’s a sad reality that women often get ghosted in relationships, but men can also experience it. The feeling of being abandoned without any explanation is definitely hard to deal with for anyone.

Example for using ‘Ghosted’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear from Sarah after the party last night? I haven’t heard anything from her since.

No, I haven’t. She completely ghosted us. It’s so rude to leave without saying goodbye.

I know, right? It’s frustrating when people do that. It makes you feel abandoned.

Exactly. It’s like she just vanished into thin air. I wish people would be more considerate.