What does GICNBY stand for?

Gosh, I cannot believe you

GICNBY is a slang acronym that stands for ‘Gosh, I cannot believe you’. It’s something your buddies, family or colleagues might send to you after you’ve done something particularly silly or outrageous.

Sometimes, GICNBY might be used if someone thinks you’re not telling the truth or making up stories. If you’re actually being genuine, you can counter this by responding with slang terms like ‘no cap’ or ‘srsly’ to insist you’re being honest.

Remember, GICNBY is a light-hearted acronym typically used in informal conversation, especially in messages amongst friends. Therefore, don’t take it too seriously if you receive a GICNBY message.

Example for using ‘GICNBY’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what happened at work today? 😱

No, what happened? πŸ€”

I accidentally spilled coffee all over my laptop. 😫

GICNBY! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I can’t believe you did that again!