What does GIDP mean in Baseball?

Ground into double play

In the world of baseball, GIDP is a term that’s commonly used. It’s a type of statistic that keeps track of the number of double plays a player has grounded into. This is considered a negative stat for a player, as it’s typically worse than a strikeout.

Understanding baseball jargon can be a bit tricky, but GIDP is pretty straightforward. It’s all about double plays and outs. When a player grounds into a double play, it means that two outs are made, which is why it’s a stat that players try to avoid.

So, if you’re watching a game and you hear the term GIDP, you’ll now know what it means. It’s a part of the game’s statistics, and it gives insight into a player’s performance. Remember, it’s not a stat that players want to have!

Example for using ‘GIDP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, I did! It was intense!

Totally! But did you see that play in the 7th inning?

Oh, you mean when the batter hit into a double play?

Exactly! GIDP, man. That really killed the momentum.

I know, right? Grounding into a double play is the worst!