Girl Code

What does Girl Code mean?

Rules of friendship between girls

Girl Code is an informal agreement among women dictating how they should interact with each other. It’s similar to the ‘bro code’ often referenced by men, particularly close male friends.

This term often crops up when a woman feels that another woman isn’t acting according to these unwritten rules, or when they need to remind their friends of their obligations under the code. For instance, if a woman named Sarah found out her friend was pursuing her love interest, she might protest, “That’s against the girl code, I saw him first.”

Alternatively, if a woman named Laura discovered her ex was getting married, she might use the girl code to rally her friends for a supportive get-together to help her through the rough time.

While the specifics of the girl code can vary from group to group and place to place, there are some constants. These are the guidelines that are typically universally accepted among women.

Example for using ‘Girl Code’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear that Sarah is going on a date with Josh?

Wait, isn’t Josh your ex-boyfriend?

Yeah, he is. But girl code says I can’t date my friend’s exes.

That’s true. You should remind Sarah about the girl code.