Girl Math

What does Girl Math mean?

Women’s approach to managing finances

‘Girl Math’ is a playful term that emerged from social media, particularly TikTok, to describe the way some women justify their spending habits or financial decisions. It is often used in a humorous context, but can also be used in a critical or mocking way.

The phrase often pops up in conversations or posts where a woman might say something like, “I bought those concert tickets ten months ago, so it’s like they’re free now.” A boyfriend might tease his girlfriend about her shopping spree by saying, “That’s some girl math right there,” after she justifies spending extra to get coupons.

The term started gaining popularity around August 2023, influenced partly by the ‘girl dinner’ trend on TikTok. A number of female TikTokers started posting their own examples of ‘girl math’, such as “Anything under $5 is free” or “If I return $50 worth of clothes, then my next $100 purchase is actually only $50.”

Because of its widespread use and influence, ‘girl math’ eventually led to the creation of a similar trend, known as ‘boy math’. This term is used in the same way but usually in reference to how men justify their spending habits.

Example for using ‘Girl Math’ in a conversation

Hey! I just bought a new dress for $200, but it came with a coupon for $50 off my next purchase. So technically, my dress only cost $150, right?

Haha, that’s some serious girl math you’re using there!

Well, it makes sense if you think about it.

Sure, if we’re going by girl math logic.