Girlfriend Bomb

What does it mean?

When you suddenly find out the person you’re into is already dating someone.

If you’ve been crushing on a guy, and he suddenly mentions that he’s already got a girlfriend, that’s what’s called a Girlfriend Bomb. It’s a real mood killer, like a truth bomb, blowing up all your hopes in an instant.

Guys who are a bit flirty can sometimes drop these girlfriend bombs. Some do it on purpose, playfully leading a girl on before dropping the bomb. Others might do it without realizing, especially if the girl has misread his signals.

Girlfriend Bomb can be a real reality check, totally shifting the dynamics of a conversation. So, next time you hear a guy you fancy talking about his girlfriend, you’ll know you’ve just been hit by a girlfriend bomb.

Example for using ‘Girlfriend Bomb’ in a conversation

Hey, have you talked to John lately?

Yeah, we were texting earlier. Why?

Well, I finally got the courage to ask him out.

That’s great! What did he say?

He dropped a girlfriend bomb on me. Turns out he’s already taken.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. He should’ve been upfront about it.