Girlfriend Tax

What does it mean?

Snacks your girlfriend nibbles from you

Ever noticed how your girlfriend always seems to snag a bite from your plate, even when she insists she’s not hungry? Well, this phenomenon has a name in the world of slang. It’s called the ‘Girlfriend Tax’.

Now, the ‘Girlfriend Tax’ isn’t about financial transactions. It’s about sharing food. To put it simply, it’s that chunk of your meal that your girlfriend helps herself to. It’s kind of a playful debt paid to her for all the stuff she tolerates as a girlfriend.

The ‘Girlfriend Tax’ comes into play mostly when she claims she doesn’t want anything to eat. But as soon as your food arrives, she’s picking off your plate. In other words, you’re paying a ‘tax’ in the form of food from your own order.

So, next time your girlfriend nibbles at your dinner, remember, it’s just the ‘Girlfriend Tax’ at work. It’s a humorous way to acknowledge the little things that make relationships quirky and fun.

Example for using ‘Girlfriend Tax’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, I just ordered a large pizza. Excited to dig in!

You: Nice! I hope you’re ready for the girlfriend tax.

Friend: Haha, what’s that?

You: It’s when your girlfriend says she’s not hungry but ends up taking some of your food anyway.

Friend: Oh, I know what you mean. Happens all the time!